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What is ISTMUN?

ISTMUN is a Model United Nations conference held by Istanbul Anatolian High School's MUN club.

Is there a dress code?

Yes. We expect all attendees to come to our conference with their Western Business Attire regardless of gender.
Our social event won't have a dress code.

Can I attend if I have no previous MUN experience?

Of course. We will be welcoming all types of delegates, experienced or not. Feel free to have ISTMUN as a comfortable learning experience for you. 

Which procedure will ISTMUN'22 follow?

ISTMUN'22 will follow the Harvard procedure for our General and Special committees. Our crisis committees will follow special procedures that you can check out in the Rules of Procedure page.

How many sessions can I miss?

Delegates who miss more than 2 sessions will not be able to get a participation certificate. Your participation in the committee will be kept by the chairs of your committee.

What is the language of the conference?

As you can see by our website, in all of our committees, the official language is English. Your committee chair is expected to enforce this rule.

How can I enter a crisis committee?

For our UNSC committee and crisis committees, we expect delegates to have some experience with MUN beforehand. 

How can I prepare accordingly for ISTMUN'22?

Once the Study Guides are rolled out, we expect all delegates to read it and prepare for their committees. 
We also expect all delegates to read the Rules of Procedure.
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