GA-1: Disarmament and International Security Committee

United Nations General Assembly the First Committee: Disarmament and International Security Committee (DISEC) is one of the fundamental bodies of the United Nations since it is one of the six General Assembly Committee of the United Nations. DISEC focuses on finding solutions involving disarmament efforts and questions that are related to be a treat toward international security. DISEC takes into consideration, agenda items ranging from conflict dealing with non-proliferation of biological and chemical weapons and other weapons of mass destruction to illicit weapon trading, and strengthening security co-operations in respective regions.

Though the Security Council (UNSC) is the only UN body capable of imposing force upon Member States (economically, militarily, or otherwise), the First Committee makes valuable recommendations to the Security Council on all aspects of matters that place global peace at risk. Because the First Committee’s legislative process incorporates the voice of every Member States to the UN, its resolutions are always respected and considered by the Security Council. These resolutions are also salient due to their normative nature.

The First Committee meets every year in October for a 4–5 week session, after the General Assembly General Debate. All 193 member states of the UN can attend.​


Agenda Items: 

     a. Settling the disputes in the South Chine Sea.

     b. Strengthening the attempts of counter-terrorism in the international arena.

Board Member: Zeynep ŞENOL


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