GA-3: Social, Cultural and Humanitarian Committee

As the third committee of the United Nations General Assembly, SOCHUM deals with the issues regarding the preservation of fundamental rights and freedoms by being in cooperation with United Nations Human Rights Committee (UNHRC) and Economic and Social Committee (ECOSOC).


Taking the reports of the related bodies into account, some of the prominent topics of SOCHUM can be listed as the protection of rights in conflicted areas, enhancing women’s rights and the protection of children along with other humanitarian subjects.

In SOCHUM you will be discussed upon the rights of female refugee workers and achieving the equality of political rights of indigenous people. These topics are one of the most crucial issues that shouldn't be ignored. Being comprehensive may be enough in order to find solutions.

Agenda Item:

     a. The rights of female refugee workers.

     b. Achieving the equality of political rights of indigenous people.

Board Members: Ecem ÖZYILDIRIM & Zümranur AYDOĞDU


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