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Model Court of Justice: Princess Diana

Model Court of Justice is a model court run by an elected peace judge which delivers on the promise of equal justice under the law to its people. It is defined as an authority that hears the appeals of cases that are not justified by law and demand an equitable and just decision. The jurors in the trial court have to hear and see the evidence, to follow the law, to deliberate after all the evidence which has been presented and to decide whether or not the accused is guilty of one or more of the charges. 

There are two parties in the trial court:

  • The plaintiff who brings a lawsuit to court by bringing a claim against the other party.

  • The defendant who is required to answer the complaint of a plaintiff in a civil suit or any party who is formally charged or accused of violating a criminal law.

After the closing arguments in the trial, jurors deliberate in private to arrive at a verdict, which is then reported to the court by the head jury. As soon as the jury has reached a verdict, it communicates the same to the judge. And finally, a general verdict stating the bare conclusion of the jury is rendered deciding whether the defendant party is guilty or not.

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