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Press Corps

Press Corps allows delegates to obtain first-hand experience reporting on committees and writing hard news and feature pieces as the stories break. Each delegate will assume the role of a unique media outlet and will need to reflect the perspective and viewpoint of international news organizations (eg. BBC, the New York Times, Al Jazeera), covering the major events across all the substantive organs of ISTMUN. Throughout the four days, delegates will follow leads, gather sources, and synthesize information into articles. As reporters, each individual will be held to high journalistic and professional standards to bridge the gap between those in power and the public. In the event of a press conference, delegates will be challenged to produce relevant and concise questions to ask within committees to craft the best report. By the end of the committee sessions, Press Corps reporters will have improved their writing, research, and public speaking skills considerably, while also having experienced the many aspects of the conference to its fullest. The abilities that you will acquire at Press Corps will be valuable for both journalism and non-journalism majors alike.

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