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United Nations Security Council

United Nations Security Council is one of the six principal organs of the UN and is obligated with providing and developing international peace and security. Its powers are such as establishing peacekeeping operations, enacting international sanctions, and authorizing military action. UNSC is also the only UN body with the authority to emit binding resolutions on member states. It consists of 15 members in which 5 are permanent and 10 are non-permanent members. The permanent members (China, France, Russia, United Kingdom, and United States) which are great powers and were the victors of the World War II, have the right to veto any resolution. The other ten members are elected on a regional basis for a term of two years. Like the UN as a whole, the Security Council was built after the World War II in order to adress the wrongs of the League of Nations to maintain world peace.

Agenda :  The Yugoslav War

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